Monday, April 4, 2011

Senior Dogs Needs a Home!

Her history is sad, my son adopted her (in 2002) and she went to work with him, rode in the back of his truck etc... Then he went to work in the methane field he put her in a pen for a few years then came home from Methane and had a new dog which now goes with him in the truck and lives in the house. I feel very bad as he was not raised to treat animals this way. My husband and I tried to keep her but she is territorial with my back yard and does not like my husbands boxer. My husband says I must find her a home. The shelter here cannot take her, she is on the list for the Sheridan Shelter, Gillette said they would euthanize her. I must find something for her this week. thanks for your help. Dana

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  1. Sweet Maddy goes to a new home today! She will be Queen of her castle and an only pet and will live out the rest of her life with the love she hasn't had in a very long time. Many thanks to St. Francis Animal Shelter in Buffalo and Penny there, who took in this sweet girl and placed her in this fabulous home!