Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Metro Kitty Calli Needs a Home!--ADOPTED!!!

This is Calli, she is a beautiful long haired calico who came to Metro as a stray on September 3, 2011.  We found that she had already been spayed but we gave her her necessary vaccinations and a good grooming!  She is about 3 years old.  Her FIV/FELV test came back as a weak false positive.  This means that she MAY carry a weak strain of the disease that could be passed to kittens-but since she is spayed, no worries!  She is very healthy now and will be for many years to come.  She is a quiet kitty and enjoy sitting on laps and just being loved.  Contact Metro at 235-8398.

Metro Kitty Redman Needs a Home!

This is adorable Redman with his beautiful blue eyes and chubby cheeks! He came into Metro on Aug. 25th as a stray. P2H has recently sponsored him and he's been neutered, vaccinated, tested NEGATIVE for FIV/FELV, and given a clean bill of health. He's about 4 years old, and very affectionate and playful. Won't you please adopt him today? Contact Metro at 235-8398.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Precious Little Injured Metro Kitten Needs a Home

This lil kitten (we're pretty sure it's a "she") was just pulled from Metro because she came in with an abscess wound and needed medical care and twice daily hot packs. So, she's in foster right now until next Tuesday, but then her foster mom is leaving town so I'd LOVE to have a home for her by then. What a doll! Please contact me if you're interested. We think she's about 5 months old.  Lookit this FACE!!!