Friday, February 25, 2011

Wyoming Animal Rescue Rallies to Help Cody Shelter Through Disaster

Most of you know that the Cody shelter is in dire straights.  Their former shelter manager quit paying the bills in November and embezzeled at least $10,000.00.  She cross-contaminated cats with upper respiratory infections and ringworm with healthy cats and now they have 74 cats that are quarantined and cannot be adopted.  They are double up on dogs in kennels.  They are out of meds and out of food and out of money.
Today we got an updated email that someone had donated medication for the animals (Hooray!) and that they were getting dog food in but were in desperate need of cat food, kitten food, and kitten milk replacement ('tis kitten season again, unfortunately).
The Paws2Help board of directors okayed expenditure of $100 of our funds to aid this shelter.  Jim and I went to Walmart and bought all cat and kitten food and milk replacement, which is what the shelter said they were most in need of.  We bought both canned and dry.  We spent $110+ change which got us quite a bit.  Tina Schmidt and Jan Dodson (Rainbow Rescue) met us there and both contributed some cat/kitten supplies as well.  I talked to Kim Blonigen (Rescue Rangers) who had raised $350 in donations--mostly dog lovers since Kim only rescues dogs, but she was going to split the donations between dog and cat food, with emphasis on the cat food.
Cheryl Hobson (Big Sky Rottie Rescue) was on her way to deliver some  donations of dog food.
A HUGE thank you to Holly Moen for coordinating all of our efforts and to her husband, Al, for letting us all load up his 4-Runner.  He will be delivering the supplies to the shelter's door later today.
I am in AWE of how a small and sparsely populated state like Wyoming can come together...and all of us here in Casper...have come together, to help out another shelter in need, and to provide what is needed for the homeless animals who have no voice.
Thanks to everyone!  I hope that this will help the Cody shelter out until their community can respond to their needs.