Saturday, April 23, 2011

Metro Kitty Deuce Needs a Home!!--ADOPTED!!!

Deuce is about 9 months old, has been neutered, vaccinated and is feline disease NEGATIVE!  He has no behavioral problems, likes other dogs and cats and is very affectionate and playful!! He has personality PLUS!!  Deuce is in foster, so please contact Paws2Help to adopt him!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chelsea--P2H Sponsored Metro Dog Needs a Home!--ADOPTED!!!

Chelsea is a P2H sponsored Metro dog. She is a year and a half to two years old. She is absolutely beautiful, and smart and sweet--she loves to go for walks and to be petted. She thinks she's a lap dog. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated and canine disease tested NEGATIVE. She knows basic commands of sit, stay, and shake. She is house trained and crate trained. She does not run off when unleashed. The ONLY problem with Chelsea is that whomever had her, was apparently not very nice to her and has made her VERY food aggressive around other pets. I believe that eventually she would get over this, but it isn't safe to have her with another pet at this point. And it may not be a good idea for her to be around small children that might try to take a treat from her.
I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THOUGH, WHAT A WONDERFUL DOG SHE IS!!! For an adult, as an only pet, she would be absolutely perfect! I would keep her myself, except I have other pets.
PLEASE cross-post this to everyone. Transport is available. She is the SWEETEST of sweet dogs and it breaks my heart to have to send her back to Metro. There HAS to be someone out there who would be a perfect fit for this lovely girl.
Contact me for more information.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hugo the Paws2Help sponsored Metro kitty--ADOPTED!!!

Click the link below and watch the news video of the latest Paws2Help sponsored kitty.  Hugo is between 1 and 2 years old and has been neutered, tested negative for feline disease, vaccinated and groomed.  He is a very laid back sweet kitty.  If you like BIG FLUFFY kitties, this guy is for you!  He looks to have some Siamese in him, as his eyes are blue and he definitely has flame colored points.  Contact Metro Animal Control and Welfare at 235-8398 and his adoption fee is only $35.00!

Found Kitty

This kitty just "showed up" on a gal's back porch and needs to either be reunited with his owners or needs a new home! He is a loving, playful, tuxedo kitty with a great personality. Contact us and we will put you in touch with the gal that this cat discovered on Monday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Face Painting Fun to Benefit Paws2Help!

Join us this coming Saturday, April 16th from 11 am til 2 pm at Blue Heron Books & Espresso in the Atrium Plaza for FREE face painting during the Downtown Merchants Easter Egg Hunt!! Tips accepted and very much appreciated--100% go to Paws2Help! A HUGE THANK YOU to Mary Ann Budenske for offering to do this great fundraiser for us!!

Hugo Available for Adoption---ADOPTED!!!

Hugo is next to be sponsored by Paws2Help. Hugo is 1.5-2 y/o domestic longhaired cat. Hugo has been neutered, vaccinated diseased tested negative and groomed. If you are interested in adopting Hugo contact Metro Animal Control and Welfare at 307-235-8398/307-235-8399 or visit

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Casper--LOST KITTY!! Please help!!

Hi All, I was contacted tonight by a lady who lost her black kitty around Coffman street here in Casper about two weeks ago. This is what she writes:

Emma is spayed. Weighs about 6.5 pounds. She is short haired all black with small white patch on her chest and her middle toes of back feet are white. She is very affectionate and cuddly. She is up to date on shots.

I don't want to post her number all over the internet, but if you have any info about this kitty, please contact me right away and I'll put you in contact with her family. She is VERY missed! Please help! Thank you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Senior Dogs Needs a Home!

Her history is sad, my son adopted her (in 2002) and she went to work with him, rode in the back of his truck etc... Then he went to work in the methane field he put her in a pen for a few years then came home from Methane and had a new dog which now goes with him in the truck and lives in the house. I feel very bad as he was not raised to treat animals this way. My husband and I tried to keep her but she is territorial with my back yard and does not like my husbands boxer. My husband says I must find her a home. The shelter here cannot take her, she is on the list for the Sheridan Shelter, Gillette said they would euthanize her. I must find something for her this week. thanks for your help. Dana