Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Statewide TNR Coalition Meeting

If you're concerned about the welfare of feral cats in Wyoming (by state law, they are "predators" and can be shot on site outside of city limits!!) please plan to attend this informative meeting on Saturday, December 4th at 1 p.m. at the Crawford Room of the Natrona County Public Library.  We are hoping to gather concerned citizens to help with this issue from every corner of the state.  Attendance is free.  Please contact either Christie Chapman at or Lisa Craft at to RSVP so we have an accurate head count and to get directions to the meeting location.  Rachel Kristiansen with the Sheridan Cat Rescue will be presenting on her attendance to the Best Friends NMHP Conference in NV this year!

Current Fundraisers

We currently have "Brenda's Tree" available at Blue Heron Books and Espresso in the Atrium Plaza, 201 East 2nd Street, and also at Popish Veterinary Clinic, 3155 CY Avenue.  Brenda Collins Newman and her unborn son, Cian, were killed by a drunk driver on October 30th, 2008.  Brenda loved animals and rescued those in need.  You can purchase a memorial ribbon at either of the two locations listed above.  Small ribbons are $1.00 and large ribbons are $5.00.  Purple (Brenda's favorite color) ribbons signify loss of a loved one due to drunk driving incidents.  Gold ribbons signify any loss of a loved one and the color was chosen because of founder Lisa Craft's mother, Joyce Stewart, who died in May of 2008.  Gold was Joyce's favorite color.  Paw print ribbons signify the loss of a beloved pet.  All proceeds benefit Paws2Help and stay in Wyoming to help homeless animals.

Save the date:  Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 7 p.m. at Blue Heron Books and Espresso.  The annual Paws2Help Cookie Exchange will take place!  Bring 6 dozen of your favorite cookies and leave with 6 dozen (or more!) different cookies and your holiday baking is done!  Cost is a $10 donation to Paws2Help.  This year we will be offering a shopping extravaganza for your one-stop holiday shopping needs.  We will have several great vendors available, and a portion of their sales will be donated to Paws2Help.  Please RSVP to Lisa at (307) 265-0387

What we're about

Paws2Help was established in 2005 to assist homeless animals in receiving medical care.  Partnered with Popish Veterinary Clinic in Casper, Wyoming, we provide medical care to animals who are housed at Metro Animal Control and Welfare or any homeless animal that is in need of care before going to a forever home or rescue organization.
Paws2Help provides anything and everything from vaccinations and grooming to major surgery; and of course, spay and neuter.
We are completely funded by private donation, and donations can be made at Popish Veterinary Clinic or by Paypal through  Donations are tax deductible.  We are always in need of foster homes, rescue transporters and volunteers for a host of other duties.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at with questions or to volunteer.  However, please note that we ARE NOT a shelter, and if you must relinquish your animal, please contact The Casper Humane Society at (307) 265-5439 or Metro Animal Control and Welfare at (307) 235-8398.
Thank you!